Courses Offered 

MONTESSORI 1 - A.: 2 years 10 months and above

MONTESSORI 2 - B.: 3 years 10 months and above


MONTESSORI 3 - C.: 4 years 10 months and above

Grade I - 5

Grade - 1 : 5 years 10 months and above

Grade 6 - 10

Grade - 2 to Grade - 10 : 6 ½ years to 16 years

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Development .

     The institute hither to encouraged needy students to acquire training in different fields. Now, the Institute is motivating students to take up skilled development activities conducted by by the committee heads,under group activities of BOSTON EDUCATION SOCIETY(R). The institute has taken this initiative to benefit our  students.

The institute, encourage students interested in Skill Development activities, to upgrade their technical  knowledge and critical thinking. 

Educational Institutions and Scholarships

In the year 2001, the Govt of Karnataka allotted 27 guntas of land at K.R.Puram for the Trust activities. In the year 2006, an Educational Institute.  The New Indus Valley Residentail School has been established at allotted land. The Trust provides financial assistance to the needy Balija students. 

Every year, in the month of January, the Trust celebrates “Trust Annual Day”. During this day the Trust gives merit scholarships to 1st year Graduates, Post Graduates students of the Balija community.